Ica beats new meat retreat

Supermarket chain Ica has recalled 16 tonnes of beef mince following tests that showed high levels of bacteria. The meat has been on sale at Ica stores across Sweden since Tuesday.

Ica beats new meat retreat

Spot checks of a random sample of beef mince showed high levels of stomach and bowel bacteria, according to Ica has stated that despite the existence of the bacteria the meat is not dangerous to consumers.

Ica stores across Sweden were warned on Friday that tests had shown the existence of high levels of bacteria in meat delivered by the Hilton food group in Västerås. Stores were ordered to stop the sale of all beef mince with a best before date of April 8th 2008.

Johanna Stiernsted, Ica’s quality director, was involved in the decision to recall the meat.

“We decided to recall a product that showed quality defects according to our quality standards,” Stiernsted said to

Of five tests, two showed excessively high levels of bacteria.

“But there is no danger to the consumer. Nobody would get sick from eating it,” Stiernsted said to

These types of bacteria occur naturally in beef. Levels become higher if the animals are too dirty when brought in for slaughter.

According to Stiernsted the National Food Administration (Livsmedelsverket) has been informed although it is Ica that is responsible for the product and the decision to recall the meat.