Guard sentenced for sexually harassing 12 women

A Gothenburg harbour guard has been sentenced to probation for molesting and harassing women who were swimming and sunbathing at a nearby beach.

The man must also pay 70,000 kronor ($11,750) in damages to the 12 affected women.

While at the beach one day, one of the women received a series of text messages with sexual content from an unknown number. Someone also called her home phone, but said nothing when the woman answered.

When she returned to the beach a week later, another text message arrived which read, “Are you a little horny now when you expose your body for us?” according to the newspaper Metro.

In the guard’s home police found videos with close up shots of woman bathing and sunning themselves, as well as a sketch book full of telephone numbers. The man said he was motivated by his hate of women, but also that he was under the influence of strong painkillers when the harassments took place.

He will now enter a special program for sexual criminals.