Car vandals seek redemption

Erik and Olle finished off a night out in Gävle in northern Sweden in June 2006 by vandalizing 21 cars. This week the pair have been busy making amends.

The two friends have had a heavy conscience for the two years since their vandalizing spree and have been working hard to save up the 60,000 kronor ($10,100) needed to compensate the car owners, according to local newspaper Gefle Dagblad.

“Well done,” said one of the affected car owners when Erik and Olle contacted him on Saturday. He received 2,550 kronor for the damage to his car.

The man was angry when he discovered the damage but now he thinks that the two young men have acted honourably.

“You are forgiven,” he said.

Erik and Olle together with a third friend were arrested on a June night in 2006 when police were called to Södra Slottsgatan in Gävle. The three had been busy jumping up and down on the bonnets, tearing off the wing-mirrors and kicking in the windows of the 21 cars parked along the street.

The three vandals were convicted and served with probationary sentences and fines. But for Olle and Erik at least their consciences led them to try to make up for their uncharacteristic night of excess.

“Difficult to explain,” says Olle today of what made them vandalize the cars and describes their behaviour as very stupid.

Now the affected car owners all stand to receive compensation for the damage done by the pair.

“We want to make up for what we have done. It is the only way to put it behind us.”

Neither Erik or Olle know what their third partner in crime intends to do to seek redemption.