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Stockholm art gallery guide: May 2 – 8

Stockholm art gallery guide: May 2 - 8
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White Sea, Black Sea

Photographer Jens Olof Lasthein’s project White Sea Black Sea, show now at Foajé 3 in Kulturhuset, has been the most clicked even on Kalendarium.se in recent weeks. The photographer has spent six years travelling along Europe’s eastern borders in order to capture the countryside and the people living there, but also to examine how the viewer imagines the east. Take this opportunity to see the exhibition.

Milano – Turin

The second part of Moderna’s series looking at the hottest art cities of the 60s focuses on Milan and Turin. All the way back in 1967 Moderna put art from the northern iItalian cities in the spotlight with an exhibition of the work of Lucio Fontana. Time & Place is divided into three parts showing the switch from abstract expressionism to more idea-based expressions.

German Photography:

Annika von Hausswolf’s work has appeared in some of Magasin 3’s collective exhibitions. Now her characteristic photographs will be shown in a large, retrospective individual exhibition. It is comprised of about fifty pieces from the art gallery’s collection and some produced specifically for Magasin 3. Since the 90’s, Von Hausswolf has been internationally recognized for her staged photographs which often touch on space and the human body. Macabre, curious, and tranquil all in one.


Ulla Forsell is inspired by the old classic films’ flowing skirts, the church garden in Montmartre and botanical posters in her exhibition Flowers Forever. In the trend-setting work Botanica, she raises a wall of small glass plates which together create an intricate whole. Forsell shapes happiness and sorrow, which might sound banal. But as the artist herself expresses it: sometimes it is the banal that is most real.

Warhol Kids:

Zon Moderna is the Modern Museum’s educational art project. Every term an established artist leads a new project on the basis of a current exhibition in the museum. During Spring 2008, Åsa Cederqvist and about twenty young people have used the Andy Warhol exhibition to transform a room into the inside of someone’s head. This silver foliated brain salon will play host to the videos The Head, Altered Ego & the liquid liquid Magic and an interpretation of Warhol’s work Blow Job. Don’t miss this trip inside the heads of the young and their investigative ideas.