Many Swedes bungle their tax forms

Many Swedes bungle their tax forms
Despite being able to submit tax forms by text message or on the internet, many people actually post a paper declaration but then forget to put a stamp on the envelope.

According to Kaj Kojer of Sweden’s Tax Authority (Skatteverket) there has been an increase in declarations sent without postage stamps. The forms then have to be returned to the sender, with delays incurred often resulting in missed deadlines and fines of 1000 kronor ($165).

Last spring almost 54,000 people paid a total of 103 million kronor in fines for missing the deadline. Aside from these more basic mistakes, 54 percent send incorrect information regarding the sales or ownership of shares.

Those who have sold private property and need to declare repairs that raised the property value also make the most errors.

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to take time to check Skatteverket’s figures for accuracy.

This year’s submission deadline is May 5th.