Family sentenced for pimping

A family of four have been indicted for pimping and procuring activities. The main culprit is a 43-year old man, together with his sons from a former marriage and his current wife.

The Court of Appeal upped the man’s original District Court sentence from a year and a half to three and a half years for the count of “grave procurement”. At 28, the elder son has been awarded a two and a half year jail term, whilst his 19-year old brother has been sentenced to a year and nine months in prison.

The father’s 43-year old wife was sentenced to eight months in prison. All in all, the father is seen as the driving force behind the family’s pimping and procurement activities, which carried on from August until November 2006.

Initially, 17 people were arrested, including sex buyers. However, six of these were eventually acquitted by the Stockholm District Court.