Asylum seekers face greater opposition

Asylum seekers in Sweden face greater opposition from the public for the first time since 2004, a new SOM study by Gothenburg University has shown.

49 percent of Swedes, up from 46 percent in 2007, are now in favour of reducing the number of refugees accepted into the country, reported Sveriges Radio.

Professor Marie Demker, who was responsible for the survey, was however unwilling to conclude that the results indicated an increase in xenophobia.

The study indicates a polarization of opinion. At the same time as opposition to refugees is on the rise so also is the general level of understanding and acceptance of immigrants living in Sweden.

The group that considers Sweden to have too many immigrants has become steadily smaller over the past 15 years. They remain a significant minority however, with 39 percent holding the view that there are too many foreigners in the country.