Two bodies found in lake

Two bodies found in lake
Police have recovered two bodies from a lake outside the village of Veberöd in southern Sweden.

A member of the public called the police shortly before 8pm on Monday to alert them to the discovery of the two corpses.

Police believe that the bodies, which had been in the water for a long time, may be those of a couple that disappeared from Hovs Hallar in northern Skåne early last year, Sydsvenskan reports.

Sölve Svensson, 64, and Irene Saldert, 58, both went missing in January 2007.

A 21-year-old man was arrested in March on suspicion of fraud after he sold the couple’s car and took out large loans in the 64-year-old’s name. Police later extended their suspicions to include kidnapping and murder.

Police searched for the couple in Vombsjön Lake, near Veberöd, an area well known to the 21-year-old, but did not find the missing persons.

The suspect was cleared of two charges of murder and was instead sentenced to one year’s imprisonment for fraud.