Politician says critics ‘jealous they didn’t see my body’

Centre Party politician Mats Hallsten had been suggested as the new chair of the Färgelanda municipal council, but his candidacy was stopped in part because of his involvement in a scantily clad comedy group.

For several years Hallsten, who is also a farmer, has been a part of the “Nättjebacka Boys’ Choir”, a comedy troupe inspired by the 2002 British comedy “All or Nothing”.

As a part of the act they perform at fiftieth birthday parties and community centres, the six men from the Dalsland region of western Sweden strip down to their underwear.

Hallsten has earned enough respect as a politicians that his colleagues proposed he take over as the new chair of the municipal council in Färgelanda.

But despite representing the council’s centre-right majority, he was voted off the candidate list in April.

Hallsten has since left the council in protest against his weak support.

“The chair of the municipal council shouldn’t be involved with such activities. People who know his career as a stripper will just have their eyes pointed toward the ground when they meet him,” said Ute Thompson of the Moderate Party to TV4.

Hallsten feels the criticism is childish.

“To call me a stripper is almost a badge of honour. We perform country humour,” said Hallsten to the TT news agency.

“Last year we were asked to perform at the Moderate Party’s annual meeting in Färgelanda, but we declined because I didn’t think it was appropriate. Maybe they are just jealous that they didn’t get to see my body,” Hallsten added with a laugh.