Mobile-hating grandpa makes granddaughter’s ears ring

When a grandfather saw his granddaughter talking on a mobile phone while holding her newborn child during a family outing, he became furious.

The two began arguing because he thought that his granddaughter was subjecting the baby to life-threatening mobile phone radiation.

The verbal dispute at the family reunion escalated until the grandfather hauled off and hit the new mother.

The district court in Falun in central Sweden has now convicted the man of assault, despite his denials, giving him a suspended sentence and 50 hours of community service, writes the Falu-Kurrien newspaper.

The grandfather claims that the incident was a mutual quarrel. His daughter and granddaughter counter that he became “crazy due to the mobile telephone call”.

The grandfather describes himself as opponent of mobile phones.

The district court stated that the blows didn’t lead to any significant physical injuries, but because they did cause tenderness and were delivered to a young mother with a newborn child in her arms, the court ruled that the incident amounted to common assault.

The grandfather escaped a prison sentence on account him being a citizen in good standing.