Mikael Andersson’s body likely found

Police believe they have found the body of 19-year-old Mikael Andersson from Lidköping who has been missing for about a week.

The body of a man was fished out of a manure pond on a farm in the area on Sunday.

“It is most likely the 19-year-old man we have found,” said criminal inspector Thord Haraldsson to the TT news agency.

He didn’t want to go into more detail about how the police received the tip about where the body was found.

“We have questioned the suspects but also received tips from the public. The investigation has led us to this, one could say,” he said.

Andersson disappeared last weekend after attending a party near Skara, about 25 kilometres south of Lidköping in central Sweden.

His family reported him missing last Tuesday.

A few days later police found Andersson’s car.

“We made a discovery in the car which indicated that a crime had taken place, I can’t say more than that,” said Haraldsson.

Five people are in custody on suspicion of being involved in the murder. Four of them were arrested on Friday and a fifth on Saturday.

One is suspected for murder, three for serving as accomplices to murder, and one for protecting a criminal. The five suspects are between 17 and 30-years-old.

On Monday the public prosecutor must decide which of the suspects will remain in custody.

“We have no more suspects now,” said Haraldsson.

A large number of police using patrol dogs and a helicopter had been looking for the 19-year-old.

On Friday, police located the scene of the crime, but Haraldsson wouldn’t comment on where or how it was found.

“We became convinced then that it was a case of murder,” he said.

When the tip about the manure pond came in, several coast guard divers were called in. They in one of the two large manure ponds on the farm and found the body almost immediately.

“The body was examined by a medical examiner on the scene and will now go to the forensic medical center in Gothenburg for an autopsy,” said Haraldsson.

None of the suspects arrested are connected to the farm, which is just east of Skara, according to police.

The police cannot say anything at the current time about the motivation for the crime.

“The interrogation of the suspects will continue throughout the day on Sunday,” said Haraldsson.