Arboga suspect may be mentally ill

Arboga suspect may be mentally ill
The German woman suspected of killing two toddlers in Arboga in March may suffer from a serious psychiatric disorder.

A basic mental examination, a so-called paragraph-7 examination, performed on the woman shows that she may have suffered from a serious disorder when the murders took place and when she was examined, writes the Västmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper.

The question of whether the woman ought to undergo a more comprehensive forensic psychiatric examination cannot be decided until after a possible trial has taken place.

On the other hand, if the woman were to confess to the murders, she could undergo the more thorough examination before a trial began.

The paragraph-7 examination revealed that the woman is unemployed and has been supported by her mother.

She grew up under normal circumstances with an in-tact family until her parents divorced when she was around 10 or 11-years-old.

The divorce deeply affected the woman, who felt disappointed in her father at the time.

Her schooling proceeded normally and she spent one year of high school studying in the United States.

According to the woman, she has no criminal record and is careful with alcohol. Nor does she use any drugs.

The murder investigation is not yet complete and therefore an indictment won’t be presented on Friday.

Instead the prosecutor will request on Wednesday to be given at least two additional weeks to complete the investigation.

As a consequence, an additional custody hearing will likely be held on Friday.

“The evidence continues to be good,” said police spokesperson Börje Strömberg to the TT news agency.

He didn’t want to reveal what evidence the police had against the woman.

The confiscated hammer which was thought to be the murder weapon has been fully examined, but Strömberg wouldn’t say whether the children were beaten to death with it.

The children, aged one and three, and their 23-year-old mother were found seriously wounded in the family’s house in Arboga on March 17th.

The children later died from their injuries.

A detention order for the German woman suspected of murder was issued in her absence on March 20th. She gave herself up to German police the following day.

On April 29th she was extradited to Sweden.

The woman had previously had a relationship with the 23-year-old mother’s live-in boyfriend.