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Gothenburg club and concert tips: May 29 – 31

Where to go out in Gothenburg this weekend? Monthly has the answers (Click links for more information)

HBT GBG Opening Party

Don’t miss the opening Party for HBT GBG! The good old organizers from Gay Straight to Hell have put together a winning programme of live music, DJs, films and performances. The name on everyone’s lips, Joel Alme, will play and artists from Paris, Beijing, Copenhagen, Malmö and Gothenburg will be sharing centre stage with camouflage nets, a homo-educational slide show and myriad lasers. The fact alone that 20 members of the French percussion band Les Idiots will be performing on the glass roof of the museum wearing nothing but 275 litres of paint is enough for us to head straight to Världskulturmuseet.

The 33rd Hammarkullekarnival

The whole city is buzzing with festival activity this weekend. The Hammarkulle carnival started off thirty years ago as a neighborhood parade and has now turned into a three day party which attracts 60,000 visitors every year. The Carnival kick starts on Friday night with the very special home-coming king, Jens Lekman. We sure won’t miss the chance to hear Jens break into: ”Oh, the sound of distant carnival drums, a Spanish guitar someone strums, It’s a sweet summers night on Hammer Hill. My heart goes like: Bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp!

Cheesy not cheesy -Uppåt Framåt

The brand new roof top terrace at Uppåt Framåt is open! What better way to celebrate than to dance around to tunes from the Southern plains (read Loveable from Helsingborg). According to an urban dictionary we got our hand on, cheesy means “something that is unintentionally kitschy, tacky, or of poor quality, but these flaws go unnoticed by the admirers of said thing”. Oh well then, we sure are admirers of this fabulous club at Uppåt Framåt.

Reggae exhibition

Are you one of the reggae lovers out there? Get ready for a mega reggae party at Röda sten! There will be live music and sound systems in true Jamaican style. The party starts at 3pm and goes on till the early morning. Artists appearing include Horace Corn, Veteranians Band, Ninja Queen, Jr Eric and many more. Dress to sweat and head for the Red Stone!

Bam-Bam- Rio Rio

Pipping the post for the most likable summer clubs of them all is Bam Bam on the top floor of RioRio! We have oh so many memories from those summer nights on board this party boat. New for this year is a popcorn machine, film screening and even live paintings for people queuing by the canal side. We just love this idea. Why did no one think about this before? Check it out!