One death in row house blaze

One person has died in a violent fire that broke out in a row of houses in Borlänge, central Sweden, early on Friday morning. According to local police, another person is still missing, suspected to have died.

The blaze broke out in one of the houses on Årbyvägen early Friday morning, around 4.30 am. When rescue services arrived, flames were bursting out of the windows, a police spokesman told TT.

Firefighters from several stations combated the flames and evacuated other inhabitants. Rescue services said the fire scene was chaotic and that many people were taken to hospital.

By 6.15 am on Friday morning the fire was still raging out of control on the whole street.

“The whole row-house block is burning. There is nothing left to save,” Björn Sundin, a local police spokesman, told TT.