Mum avoids conviction for tongue kissing her son

A Swedish mother charged with sexual assault for giving her six-year-old son a deep kiss has been acquitted by the Borås District Court in western Sweden.

The prosecutor had also claimed the woman allowed her son to suck on her breast in a sexual manner, reports the Borås Tidningen (BT) newspaper.

“I was breast feeding,” explained the mother in court.

The mother was originally reported by her son’s preschool teacher who witnessed the offending kiss, which took place three years ago.

The mother explained at the time of her indictment that her son hadn’t seen her for several weeks at the time, and when he rushed to embrace her he attempted to kiss her with his tongue.

“I told him it wasn’t appropriate to do that,” the mother told BT back in March.

Citing a lack of evidence, the court threw out the charges of sexual assault and sexual molestation originally filed by prosecutor Louise Eriksson.

Upon hearing the court’s decision vindicating her actions, the mother was overcome with emotion.

“I was so happy that I just broke down and sobbed,” she told BT.

“I have been so devastated during these years and hardly been able to see my son. Now I just want to have him home.”

The mother remains concerned about the signals sent by the prosecutor’s decision to file charges in the first place.

“It feels like I had to go through this for no reason,” she said.

“Is it not allowed to give children some love without the risk of [going to court].”