Swedish broadband users flock to mobile networks

For the first time, telecom operators in Sweden have generated more revenues from mobile network services than from fixed telephony, according to a report on the Swedish telecom market by the Post and Telecom Agency (PTS).

Revenues from mobile services came to 19.7 billion kronor ($3.2 billion) in 2007, nearly a 12 percent increase from 2006.

At the end of last year nearly half a million Swedes paid for mobile internet services, which amounts to an increase of about 90,000 subscriptions compared with a year earlier.

Since 2006, data traffic on Sweden’s mobile networks has increased ten-fold, according to PTS.

In total, there are nearly 2.8 million accounts for fixed telephony or mobile broadband, which represents 62 accounts per 100 households.

Broadband subscription growth was around 30 percent last year, according to PTS.

“Mobile telephony has made it common for us to be able to call whenever and almost wherever we want. 2007 was the year that broadband consumers could really start to take the mobile network into account when choosing a supplier,” wrote PTS director general Marianne Treschow in a statement.