O’boy: airport ‘bomb’ was chocolate milk mix

O’boy: airport ‘bomb’ was chocolate milk mix
Image: Leif R Jansson/Scanpix; LFV/Daniel Asplund
The suspected bomb which resulted in large sections of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport being blocked off Wednesday turned out to be a package of O’boy chocolate milk mix wrapped in duct tape.

“The bomb technicians shot it up and it contained O’boy,” said Arlanda police commander Jan Sommar to the TT news agency.

O’boy is a popular chocolate drink mix sold in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Police and bomb technicians were called to Arlanda’s terminal 5, the international terminal, around 9:30am Wednesday after a suspicious object had been discovered near the special baggage check in counter.

A large portion of the terminal was blocked off for several hours, although passenger disruption was minimal.

The incident isn’t the first major bomb-scare blunder in Sweden in recent months.

In January, a concerned janitor called police when he noticed a small parcel moving about in an unusual manner. The bomb squad later discovered that the suspicious device was a vibrating sex toy.

And in late May, a can of shaving cream carried by a contractor worker caused a false alarm at the Oskarshamn nuclear plant. Two men were arrested in the case, as officials feared the men were involved in a plot to sabotage the plant.

Both men were released and no charges were filed.