‘Missing’ man simply wanted some time to himself

A man in his fifties reported missing on Tuesday by coworkers on southern Gotland turned up on Wednesday, saying he had just wanted to be alone.

Police, volunteers, and the sea rescue service had spent nearly 24 hours searching for the man after a colleague called police around 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The man had been part of a team involved in clearing some land in a nature preserve in Kättelvik, south of Burgsvik.

“His colleague thought he was just going for a swim, but he didn’t come back and his clothes were found near the beach,” said the police’s Anders Magnusson, who coordinating the rescue effort.

A search team was set up to locate the man. Later Tuesday afternoon police received a text message from the man stating that he was fine.

However, police weren’t sure the message came from the missing man until Wednesday when they made telephone contact with him and eventually set up a meeting.

“He explained that he just wanted to be by himself for awhile and walk,” said Magnusson.