Mystery foot found on shore

A man's shoe containing a human foot has been found on the seashore in southern Sweden. The foot was discovered on Tuesday by the water in Tylösand in Halmstad, south-western Sweden.

The foot has been sent to a laboratory near Lund for forensic tests. DNA from the foot is to be compared to DNA from people who have gone missing in the area, said Joakim Sjölander, spokesman for police in Halland county.

“We do not currently suspect a crime has been committed,” he added.

Police said the foot had been in the water for some time. The shoe is described as a “normal man’s shoe.”

Lifeguards realised at 1pm on Tuesday that the shoe contained a foot.

“They had seen the shoe yesterday, sploshing around at the water’s edge,” Sjölander said. He added that it was “far too early” to talk of a link between the foot in Halmstad and six feet that recently floated ashore on Canada’s Pacific coast.