Nineteen-year-old charged over manure pit murder

A young man has been charged with the murder of 19-year-old Mikael Andersson, whose body was fished out of a manure pit near Skara in western Sweden in May.

The suspect, 19, is alleged to have beaten Andersson to death after a party on May 18th. The body was found a week later.

According to the indictment presented on Wednesday at Lidköping District Court, the killer landed blows to the victim’s head and upper body with his fists and an array of weapons.

He is then alleged to have held Andersson down in a garden pond causing him to drown.

The following night the suspect is alleged to have thrown the body into a manure pit on a nearby farm. According to the prosecutor, the perpetrator’s intention was to destroy the body.

A further four people — a 17-year-old girl and four men aged 19 to 26 — have been indicted on charges of harbouring a known criminal. They are also suspected of helping the killer to cover his tracks and dispose of the body.