Foreign tourists flock to Sweden

Tourism in Sweden shows no signs of suffering from the global financial troubles. Foreign tourist revenues are forecast to set a new record in 2008.

Foreign tourists holidaying in Sweden spend an average of 7000 kronor ($1,200) per day. Total revenues are forecast to top 100 billion kronor for the first time in 2008, according to the Arlanda index.

The first six months of 2008 saw revenues rise by 17 percent to 42 billion kronor. This includes money spent on airline tickets, hotels, shopping and restaurants during visits to Sweden.

The global credit crunch and stock market turbulence has not yet been reflected in the red-hot Swedish tourism industry, the Arlanda index indicates.

The index is a a forecasting tool based on the expenditure of non-Scandinavian tourists passing through Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The figure for 2007 amounted to 87.6 billion kronor.

Foreign visitors to Sweden spend an average of 7,000 kronor per day. 45 kronor of each 100 kronor spent goes directly into state coffers in the form of tax revenues, according to Eva Hedenström of FörTur, an association that supports the tourist industry in Sweden.

FörTur, together with the Swedish Board of Civil Aviation (Luftfartsverket), are responsible for having compiled the statistics.