Arboga murder suspect to face charges

The 32-year-old German woman suspected for the murder of two children, one and three-years-old, and attempted murder of their mother in Arboga in March, will be charged on Wednesday.

Arboga murder suspect to face charges

The woman denies all accusations levelled against her and her lawyer has on several occasions underlined that he considers the evidence against her to be weak. But the prosecutor Frieda Gummesson considers that she has sufficient evidence to charge the German woman.

The woman has been the prime suspect in the case since a warrant was first issued for her arrest on March 17th.

Police and prosecutors have been very reticent about the details of the case during the investigation and therefore little is known about the evidence that will be presented against the woman.

Reports have indicated that police have not with any certainty been able to establish that the woman was in the house where the mother and her two children were attacked. This rumour has been repeatedly met with the phrase, “the body of evidence is good.”

Newspaper Expressen wrote last week that the police had found cat hair on the suspect’s clothing and sent them for analysis to see if they had come from the Arboga family’s cat.

During the weeks following the latest decision to remand the 32-year-old in custody at the end of June, her lawyer Per-Ingvar Ekblad has, together with his client, sifted through the extensive investigation. This has taken a considerable amount of time as the suspect does not speak fluent Swedish.

It is possible that the German woman was suffering from a mental disorder when the murder was carried out. This was shown by a psychological assessment, a so-called paragraph 7 examination, which was conducted during her time on remand. A major examination conducted by a forensic psychiatrist will be conducted if the woman were to be found guilty.

The trial will be held in Köping district court.