Mother identifies German suspect

Mother identifies German suspect
Emma Jangestig, mother of the two toddlers murdered in Arboga in March, told the court on Thursday that when the trial began she immediately recognized the 32-year-old German woman accused in the killings, Christine Schürrer.

“When I looked at the accused, I broke up completely. Because I recognize her as the woman who stood outside my door,” Jangestig said as questioning began on Thursday morning.

She said further that she recognized Schürrer’s voice and her nose when she was asked if she spoke Swedish on the first day of the trial on Wednesday.

Jangestig’s voice was steady as she answered questions from prosecutor Frieda Gummesson.

When asked what Schürrer said when she opened the door for her on the evening of March 17th, Jangestig answered that the German woman said, “Hi, I’m Tine.”

Tine is Schürrer’s nickname.

Jangestig explained that she was very nervous about seeing the woman who may have murdered her children when the trial began.

The day’s proceedings will go a long way toward determining whether or not Schürrer is guilty. Jangestig has identified her, but later a memory expert will testify as to whether or not her recollection is credible.