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Stockholm club and concert guide: July 31 – August 3

Stockholm club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Bye Bye wonderful Pride

Disco, disco, disco. Pride 2008 is starting to wind down and will be celebrated with artists and DJs such as Marta Wash, Afrodite, Ficks, Makode Linde, Ulrich Bermsjö and Kornel Kovacs. Berns is the place

Football party

The Trädgårdscupen (Garden Cup) tournament is more than just football. There are DJs playing all day long, an open grill, beer, a fish pond, TV-games, blankets, lawns, a long pre-party, music, and a mini-festival. Then there are twelve teams which compete in the tournament too.

For the love of muscles

A night in the clutches of hedonism. DJs Life, Jean, and Kornél Kovacs take over Marie Laveau. 90s and Tech Noir have come together with Preop Murder Orchestra to bring you a very special night.

Extra everything

Extra Allt (Extra Everything) combines Paul McCartney, Laurent Garnier, The Field and Gui Boratto. It sounds bananas…and it is, but in a good way.

Mosquito dance

Thomas Gylling gets Kungsträdgården dancing in and out with his fantastic everlasting concept Mosquito. With him are friends Moreno, Diva, Avalon, Joey Fever, Boi Lucki, Charlie King, Eros Video and Devils Party Crew.

Queer All-Stars

This year’s Queer All-Stars party happens tonight at Debaser Medis. God-des and She, as well as Josephine Wilson and her friend will take the stage – and it’s going to be kicking.

House of friends

Summer Sessions at Soulmates is taken over by Saint Sebastian and 100 dogs and that means its deep and soulful. House that is. Besides there’s an extra dance floor with R&B for everyone who needs to wind down.