Moderate Party pols want to ditch FRA-law

Moderate Party pols want to ditch FRA-law
A group of 14 noteworthy local Moderate Party politicians are demanding a review of Sweden’s surveillance law.

“To work so hard to push through a law which isn’t pressing for voters is the wrong way to go,” write the politicians in a debate article published in the Dagens Nyheter.

Bugging the masses is out of line with the principles governing a constitutional state, they claim, and urge the government to draw up a new proposal which doesn’t give Sweden’s National Defence Radio Establishment (Försvarets radioanstalt – FRA) the right to monitor people who aren’t suspected of a crime.

The 14 Moderate Party politicians also write that they meet voters everyday who wonder why a law allowing mass bugging of the Swedish people is so important to implement.

“That is a question to which we can’t provide a good answer. On this issue, Moderate government ministers support a policy which we at the local level can’t defend or explain,” they write.