Airplane crashes near Stockholm

Airplane crashes near Stockholm
A twin-engine aircraft with four people on board crashed in woodland in Vinsta near Stockholm around midday on Friday. The four people sustained minor injuries.

The plane is a twin-engined Diamond 42 which was being used by a flying school. They had just taken off from Stockholm Bromma airport, when the pilot called in to say that the plane was experiencing engine trouble and wanted to return to the airport.

“But the plane never turned up. We can’t divulge the plane’s destination as it was a private aircraft,” said Karin Magnusson of the Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfartsverket) to news agency TT.

Emergency services received the call a few minutes later to say that the plane had crashed.

Ander Forsberg at Bilia in Vinsta, was sitting in his office working when he heard a loud crash.

“We all ran out to have a look at what had happened. Then we saw this mushroom cloud of black smoke,” he said to TT.

Lip Sverige is another company with premises in the area and Arne Johannesson is the warehouse manager there.

“There was a loud bang and then black smoke came out. We thought at first that it was a forest fire,” he said to TT.

The company’s five employees had been out to look at the wreckage.

“There were four people, and they seem to be out of the plane now. Two appeared to be badly hurt. The plane was destroyed and was giving off a lot of smoke,” said Arne Johannesson.

But according to the rescue service (Räddningstjänst) in Stockholm the injuries sustained are not as serious as they appeared. The pilot has more serious injuries than the passengers.

“According to our information it is a question of minor injuries. It is still burning and is expected to continue for a further 45 minutes,” said Robert Sverndahl at the rescue service.

A crowd of curious onlookers had gathered by the scene, according to Anders Thörner at Stockholm City police who have cordoned off the scene so that the State commission of inquiry (Haverikommissionen) can conduct an inspection, Thörner told TT.

No buildings were damaged in the crash and no bystanders were placed in any danger.