Unemployment funds reclaim insurance payments

Swedish unemployment insurance funds (A-kassa) demanded the return last year of 170 million kronor ($21 million) from recipients who should not have received payment.

In so doing, the insurance fund reclaimed 0,87 percent of the total sum paid out during the year, according to the Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board (IAF)

Under the Swedish system, each individual is responsible for insuring themselves against unemployment and pays a monthly premium to one of the many ‘A-kassa’ unemployment insurance funds.

But the unemployment insurance funds have become tougher in recent years when it comes to claiming money back for their members.

In 2006 the insurance funds claimed back 0.71 percent of all payments, compared to 0.55 percent in 2005.

According to the IAF, the development can be explained by more stringent controls of job seekers’ activities.