Left Party shift on election cooperation

Left Party shift on election cooperation
The Left Party’s Lars Ohly wants to appoint a working group with the aim of creating a red-green governing policy ahead of Sweden’s 2010 parliamentary elections.

“It’s reasonable for us to pick out a few important political issues and sit down and discuss the direction for a new policy, and identify possible problems,” Ohly told the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

On Thursday, the Left Party’s governing board will meet with the Green Party at the Syninge conference centre in Roslagen north of Stockholm.

It will be the first time Ohly had met with Green Party leaders Peter Eriksson and Maria Wetterstrand since June 15th.

Previously, Ohly has been cool to the idea of formally cooperating with the other centre-left political parties ahead of the next Riksdag election.

While Ohly admits that the new approach is “somewhat” similar to the strategy carried out by the governing centre-right Alliance ahead of the 2006 elections, he continues to reject the idea of creating a common election platform.

“But we’re setting a limit on the scope of our agreement. It’s very important to show that we are three parties,” he told SvD.

Ohly fears that putting the centre-left parties too close together could open the door for a two-party system.

On Saturday the Left Party will then sit down with the Social Democrats.

“The important thing is that we try to find some sort of common starting point so we can stand from something else than the current government,” said Ohly.