Swedish couple sentenced for raping babysitters

A couple from Degerfors in central Sweden was sentenced to prison on Monday for sexually assaulting two teenage girls who were babysitting at the pair’s home.

According to the judgment issued by the Karlskoga District Court, the couple must pay 210,000 kronor ($31,000) in compensation to the girls, who were 14- and 15-years-old when the assault took place over the summer.

The incident occurred when the girls had been babysitting for the couple and the pair arrived home from a party.

The man, who had intercourse with the 14-year-old, was sentenced to three years in prison for child rape and sexual molestation.

The woman was sentenced to prison for six months for sexually molesting both of the girls, reports local media.

The couple admits to having had sex with the girls, but claim they didn’t consider the actions took place against the girls’ will.

In addition, the man and the woman both believed the girls were more than 15-years-old, the age of legal consent in Sweden.