Study: Swedish docs dig one another

Study: Swedish docs dig one another
Love is in the air at Swedish hospitals, at least according to a new set of statistics compiled by the magazine Du & Jobbet (‘You and Work’) and Statistics Sweden (SCB).

The joint analysis shows that doctors are the most common type of married professional couple.

The next most frequent type of marriage between professionals is one between two school teachers, followed by truck driving men and women working as assistant nurses.

“In general there is something we usually call ‘homogamy’. We look for someone who is similar to us,” said Jan Trost, a professor of family sociology at Uppsala University, to Du & Jobbet.

The study also shows that, even if people choose to marry someone from another profession, their chosen mate usually has a comparable academic background.

Out of the top 30 career couplings listed in the study, only four are between members of professions requiring different academic qualifications.

“It’s not likely that an assistant nurse is going to meet a CEO. In part it’s ‘the field of the eligible’, in part it’s habits and norms which keep them from meeting,” said Trost.