Google founders awarded knowledge prize

The founders of the search engine Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have been named recipients of the 2008 International Honorary Knowledge Award, given out annually by the Swedish National Encyclopedia.

The two are cited by the National Encyclopedia editor Arne Ekman for having “succeeded in creating usable knowledge from the enormous amount of information on the internet”.

But the Google founders won’t make the trip to Stockholm to receive their prize in person from the hands of Crown Princess Victoria on October 6th.

Instead, the company’s head for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Nikesh Arora, will accept the 250,000 kronor ($38,000) award.

The International Honorary Knowledge Award was established by the National Encyclopedia to draw attention and honour achievements in the spread of knowledge, according to a statement.


Google ranked top spot for Swedish students

Swedish students find American multinational Google to be the most attractive potential employers, with Swedish furniture giant Ikea taking second place, a new survey has revealed.

Google ranked top spot for Swedish students

The Universum Swedish Student Survey (FöretagsBarometern) reported that Swedes prefer Google when it comes to getting a job after completing university, following a survey of over 20,000 Swedish students.

Ikea finished second in the report, with another Swedish company, clothing giant H&M, coming in fourth. The top ten was dominated by Swedish companies, with banks Swedbank, Handelsbanken and SEB making appearances, as well as music streaming service Spotify.

Ikea was the highest ranked Swedish company on a global scale for business students at 24th overall. Google was ranked first overall.

When it came to Sweden’s IT students, Google topped the list again, followed by Microsoft and Spotify. Law students preferred the Swedish Foreign Ministry (Utrikesdepartementet – UD) and Masters of Science Engineering picked Google, followed by ABB and Vattenfall.

Swedish student’s ten most attractive employers for business students

1. Google


3. Ernst & Young

4. H&M

5. PwC

6. Handelsbanken

7. Swedbank

8. SEB

9. Spotify

10. KPMG

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