Swedish speedway driver ‘wants to be a Pole’

Swedish speedway driver 'wants to be a Pole'
A dispute between Sweden’s top speedway rider Andreas Jonsson and the sport’s national federation has resulted in Jonsson abandoning his home country in favour of Poland.

“I’ve have enough of Sweden. I want to be a Pole,” Jonsson was quoted as saying Thursday by Poland’s PAP news agency.

Jonsson, 28, is a star in Poland, where speedway is highly popular, and rides for the Polonia Bydgoszcz team.

“I’ve already filled in the application for Polish citizenship. I have my base in Bydgoszcz, and also have a home there,” he said.

“I’m fed up with Svemo,” the Swedish motorcycling federation, he added.

“I won’t be representing them anymore and I won’t be going to the finals of individual championships next year,” he said.

The root of the spat between Jonsson and Svemo is a 1,000 kronor ($ 12) fine he received for pulling out of last month’s Swedish championships.

At the time, Jonsson cited concerns about the rain-soaked track. PAP said Thursday that he had again criticized Svemo for allegedly sidelining riders’ safety worries.