Burglary bid by big blue bunny backfires

A massive blue bunny, along with a shotgun-toting accomplice, were arrested on Wednesday afternoon following their unsuccessful attempt at robbing a currency exchange office in Farsta, south of Stockholm.

Dave Arthur was at the counter attempting to change some money when the incident took place.

“I was exchanging some money and saw a huge blue bunny standing there with a bucket,” he told The Local.

“There were several kids standing around it pointing and laughing…I assumed it was there collecting money for some charity.”

But when the teller who was helping him suddenly disappeared from behind the counter, Arthur quickly realized the bunny’s intentions were more sinister.

“I walked around the corner and saw the bunny talking to a man in a crash helmet carrying a shotgun,” said Arthur.

The odd couple managed to get through one security door, but quick action by the currency exchange staff resulted in the second security door slamming shut before the robbers could get through.

Instead, they turned and ran off, leaving Arthur and a handful of other witnesses wondering what exactly they had just seen.

“At no point did they point the shotgun at me,” said Arthur.

The bunny and his friend were arrested a short time later, along with five other young people suspected of assisting in the caper.

Police later learned that the person dressed as a blue rabbit may have been involved with another crime earlier in the day.

“We also received a report about a stolen bunny suit,” said Stockholm police spokesperson Björn Engström to the TT news agency.

The two are being held on suspicions of attempted robbery, according to Krister Sehlstedt of the south Stockholm police.