Gun threat against doc over baby sex test

A father-to-be from Hallstahammar in central Sweden has been sentenced to pay 4000 kronor ($555) in fines after threatening to put a gun to a doctor’s head if he didn’t tell the man the gender of his unborn child.

The father to be and his wife had requested an amniocentesis test last November with the understanding that the test would reveal the child’s sex, reports the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper.

Already parents to more than one daughter, the couple didn’t want to have yet another girl.

During previous pregnancies, the couple had learned of their child’s gender automatically through the test, which is administered primarily to determine whether the fetus has any birth defects.

Since then, however, the testing procedures have changed and information about the child’s gender is only recorded upon a special request from a doctor.

But no one had informed the couple of the change, so when the test results came back without any indication as to whether they would be having a boy or a girl, the couple became very upset and the man immediately contacted the doctor.

During the subsequent conversation, the man explained that the only reason the couple requested the test was to learn about their child’s gender.

When the doctor said that amniocentesis is not a reason for checking the child’s gender the man shot back, “Well what if I come over and put a gun to your head?”

The doctor later received a call on his personal mobile phone from the man, who told the doctor he knew where he lived and demanded that the doctor help the couple determine their unborn child’s gender.

In court, the man admitted to asking the question involving the gun, but denied that he was issuing a threat towards the doctor.

But the district court sided with the doctor’s interpretation of events, finding that the man’s words and actions were obviously threatening.