‘Meat mountain’ ex-minister slams Swedish security service

'Meat mountain' ex-minister slams Swedish security service
Sweden's former Finance Minister Pär Nuder has criticized the country's security service over its failure to protect assassinated Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.

In a new book released this month, Nuder describes the assassination of his Social Democratic party colleague as a blot on the copybook of security service Säpo.

Lindh’s death could have been avoided had Säpo recognized that a foreign minister is always at risk and guarded her at all times, Nuder argues.

“By 2003, seventeen years after the assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme, Säpo does not seem to have realized that the state’s leading public figures are under threat simply because they are public figures,” he writes.

Göran Persson’s former right hand man also reveals details of his own brief encounter with the security service the day after a much-criticized speech in which he described the generation born in the 1940s as a köttberg, or ‘meat mountain’.

For his own safety, Säpo demanded that Nuder come to work at the finance ministry via a network of tunnels.

As an additional security precaution, the ‘Finance Minister’ sign was removed from the door of his office and he was assigned bodyguards.