Six dogs die in Stockholm boating drama

A Swedish couple managed to survive a boating accident near Kapellskär north of Stockholm which claimed the lives of several of their dogs.

Amid desperate screams from a woman explaining that her boat was sinking, the call to emergency services was cut off

While coast guard officials weren’t able to determine to boat’s exact location before the call ended, several boats and helicopters were dispatched to the area to search for the distressed boaters Monday evening.

Eventually rescue workers found the woman and a man clinging for life near the sinking boat.

“Both were quite cold but feel fine otherwise,” said the coast guard’s Sven-Erik Pettersson to the Norrtälje Tidning newspaper.

Miraculously, a rescue helicopter also managed to pull one of the couple’s seven dogs out of the chilly waters.

While the one dog survived the ordeal, the six remaining dogs drowned.