Halloween ‘tricks’ get out of hand

Halloween 'tricks' get out of hand
Egg-throwing youths gave police in Western Sweden a busy night as Halloween 'tricks' got out of hand for many home-owners.

Police received calls from angry home-owners who reported that they had been on the receiving end of attacks from groups of youths armed with eggs.

Stefan Gustafsson at Västra Götaland police confirmed that they had received a total of 17 reports between 5pm and 9pm alone.

Most of the attacks occurred in the Gothenburg area with buses, houses and people all in the firing line as Halloween “tricks” turned messy.

Police have confirmed that they are working on the theory that there is a link between the egg-throwing youths and the Halloween tradition of ‘trick or treating’.

“But not everybody appreciates the tradition. And it can be very dangerous when eggs are thrown at moving traffic,” said Stefan Gustafsson.