Halloween ‘tricks’ get out of hand

Egg-throwing youths gave police in Western Sweden a busy night as Halloween 'tricks' got out of hand for many home-owners.

Halloween 'tricks' get out of hand

Police received calls from angry home-owners who reported that they had been on the receiving end of attacks from groups of youths armed with eggs.

Stefan Gustafsson at Västra Götaland police confirmed that they had received a total of 17 reports between 5pm and 9pm alone.

Most of the attacks occurred in the Gothenburg area with buses, houses and people all in the firing line as Halloween “tricks” turned messy.

Police have confirmed that they are working on the theory that there is a link between the egg-throwing youths and the Halloween tradition of ‘trick or treating’.

“But not everybody appreciates the tradition. And it can be very dangerous when eggs are thrown at moving traffic,” said Stefan Gustafsson.


Sweden’s biggest zoo bans clowns from Halloween show

Sweden’s biggest zoo has banned clowns from this year’s Halloween celebration, replacing them with mimes in performances and confiscating any clown masks or outfits brought by customers.

Sweden's biggest zoo bans clowns from Halloween show
One of the performers at Kolmården's Halloween celebration. Photo: Kolmården Zoo website
Kolmården Zoo, on the Baltic coast near Norrköping, decided to remove clown performances from its Halloween pageant after customers got spooked by the “killer clown” craze which swept Europe in October. 
“Our guests got in touch and asked whether we were going to have clowns because their children were afraid… and after that the decision was easy,” Mattias Zingmark, head of marketing, told Sveriges Radio. 
Zapp the clown, who was due to play a significant role in the Halloween performance, has been written out of the script and the actor given another role. “As an author I love to solve problems, so that’s exactly what I went and did,” said scriptwriter Kim Andersson.
He said that the Zapp character had now been replaced with a less-threatening mime. 
“We have a huge number of artists in [scary] make-up, actors and other extras who will create mystery so it’s obviously a balancing act,” Zingmark said of the changes. 
Any clown masks spotted in the zoo would be removed from customers, he added. 
“We will take away all scary masks from the park, no matter who is wearing them.” 
This is the fifth year running that the Zoo has put on the event, which includes a ghost and zombie safari, a Halloween feast and a Halloween disco. It  began on Wednesday and runs until Sunday night. 
The “killer clown” or “creepy clown” craze emerged in the US in the summer and has spread rapidly in Sweden, with several people being injured by the unsettling pranksters.