The Local’s new translation tool

Ever find yourself pausing on a word in one of The Local’s articles and wondering what the Swedish equivalent is? Now, the answer is just a mouse-click away.

The Local’s new translation tool

A new tool developed by The Local and the innovative Swedish-English online dictionary Tyda can translate any word in any article on The Local into the language of Strindberg.

How does the translation tool work?

Using the translation tool is easy. Double-click on any word in any story on The Local and your browser will automatically open a new window with the Swedish translation. There’s nothing more to it.

Because the translation is in a new window, you won’t have navigated away from the article that you were reading. To return to the article, just close the new window.

If you’re unsure of your pronunciation, Tyda will actually speak the word for you.

So, whether you’re a non-Swede trying to astonish your Swedish friends with your erudite use of their language or a Swede trying to figure out what The Local is talking about, we hope you will find our translation tool useful.