70 evacuated from Stockholm fire

At least 70 people were forced from their homes due to a major fire which broke out in a six-storey building on Södermalm in central Stockholm on Friday evening.

The fire continued to smoulder on Saturday morning as fire-fighters worked to extinguish the blaze. The fire service expected to be occupied with extinguishing the last of the fire for most of Saturday.

The fire was ablaze when emergency services arrived at the scene shortly before 9.30pm. The blaze raged for several hours and was brought under control at around 1am on Saturday.

The attic was completely destroyed in the fire but no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remained unknown on Saturday morning. Due to the extreme heat and ongoing work to extinguish the fire, police technicians have not been able to approach the building and conduct an examination.

For several hours there was an acute risk that the fire would spread to an apartment located just below the seat of the fire. However, fire-fighters were able to save the apartment from the fire but water damage to the property was reported to be severe.

The social services were called in to assist some of the building’s residents with finding alternative temporary accommodation while others were able to return home or could find shelter with friends for the remained of the night.