Three die in car crash in northern Sweden

Three young people were killed in a car accident on the E14 motorway in Jämtland in northern Sweden in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Two men and a woman died in the accident which occurred east of Trångsviken, 600 kilometres north of Stockholm, at around 4am on Sunday.

The men were in their twenties and the woman was a couple of years younger. All three were resident in the area.

Road conditions were reported to be icy and the car had veered over on to the wrong side of the road before crashing. The car was very badly damaged.

A crisis centre was opened at 10am on Sunday morning in the community centre in Trångsviken for those affected by the accident.

Trångsviken is a town of 269 inhabitants between Östersund and the ski resort town of Åre on the E14 motorway.

Police on Sunday were appealing for witnesses to the accident.