Broken window forces emergency landing

An airplane with 63 passengers on board made an emergency landing at Gothenburg’s Landvetter airport on Tuesday morning because of a cracked cockpit window.

Emergency services were on hand when the plane landed following faulty reports that the cabin had lost pressure.

“According to the reports we’ve received everything looks good,” said an operator with Gothenburg-area emergency services to the TT news agency.

The Brussels Airline flight was traveling between Stockholm’s Bromma airport and Brussels when the incident took place.

Through a partnership with Brussels Airlines, tickets on the flight were sold through Malmö Aviation, which had technicians on site to examine the plane.

The workers confirmed that there was a crack in the outer layer of the cockpit’s side window.

Such windows have several layers.

“Information that there was a loss of cabin pressure was incorrect. That didn’t happen,” said Malmö Aviation spokesperson Olof Löfgren.

Landvetter airport spokesperson Annika Hilmersson said it remained unclear what may have caused the crack.

“Naturally it’s an unpleasant incident. The passengers are being attended to and are doing well under the circumstances. Now they are being rebooked on other flights,” said Hilmersson.