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Malmö club and concert tips: Friday, Nov. 21

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Malmö club and concert tips: Friday, Nov. 21


Address: Babel, Spångatan 38

8pm – 11pm

80 kronor (60 kronor for members)

Sick of getting stuck behind basketball players, guys with massive afros or girls with silly hats when you go to see your favourite band or biggest idol? Babel’s mezzanine enables you to avoid climbing up on somebody’s shoulders to see what’s happening on stage. A free view, tasty drinks and good sound: what more can you ask for when you go to a concert? Good music, presumably. Relax: Babel will see to that.


Miriam Aida: A unique voice and five albums have place Aida firmly on the jazz and bossanova map in Sweden and abroad. DJ: Simón (La Onda).

I LOVE! Brenda Walsh

Address: Babel, Spånggatan 38

11pm – 3am

80 kronor (60 kronor before midnight)

Age: 20 and over

The number of people making their way to ILBW bears witness to the genius of combining the two clubs I LOVE! and Brenda Walsh. It’s always packed, sweaty and pulsating when the trio consisting of Sofia, Emilia & Maria play hot house and pounding techno. Dance, flirt, dance some more, make out, and don’t forget to make every second drink a water.


Address: Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29

11pm – 3am

60 kronor (30 kronor before midnight)


The club Kartellen is held in the foyer of Inkonst, and where better than these premises form the 1920s to mix an old-fashioned freak show with modern club culture.

Resident DJs Baby Doll and San One are joined by guest female artists and DJs for so,e hard crunk, old school booty rap, ghettotech and electro.

Maximize your club circus experience with a candy floss insulin shock and release your sexy inner clown.


A visit from Denmark’s finest Djuna Barnes and Concrete Jungle Tribe (Skåne). Pippi live-VJ and Tessan (The Prom) will be handing out sweeties.


Address: Brogatan, Brogatan 12

11pm – 3am

Free entry

Where Alice in Wonderland hunts a rabbit, club manager Emil Broomé in Wonderland hunts disco. When you’ve finished your botanic experimentation among the fine selection of beers upstairs, it’s time to go down to the cellar, sorry – Wonderland – and hypno-dance to obscure disco. Then it’s time for an after-party with the author with the bushy hair.

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