GM considers ditching Saab: report

Saab Automobile is among the brands US automaker General Motors (GM) is thinking about unloading in order to get through its current crisis.

GM considers ditching Saab: report

The news comes from the Bloomberg news agency and cites a source with insight into the situation. The source wished to remain anonymous because no final decision has been made.

GM is currently preparing a plan to present to the US Congress on December 2nd which the carmaker hopes will help it secure several billion dollars in government loans and avoid running out of cash.

Other brands under consideration for sale or dissolution include Saturn, Pontiac, and Hummer.

The news came as surprise to the head of Sweden’s IF Metall union, Paul Åkerlund, although he added that he was no stranger to rumours about Saab’s fate.

“I’ve heard rumours before, but no concrete information,” he told the TT news agency.

“GM is discussing a lot of issues. I don’t know if this is one of them.”

Åkerlund doesn’t believe that selling Saab could solve GM’s problems and thus assumes that the Swedish brand isn’t high on its US owner’s agenda.

Eric Geers, a spokesperson for Saab Automobile, had no comment on the new information.

“We have no knowledge of the information which is on Bloomberg right now,” he said.

After submitting the plan to Congress, representatives from GM will travel to Washington for a hearing scheduled for December 5th.

A vote on a proposed rescue package for the US auto industry is expected the week of December 8th, just days before the Swedish holiday of Lucia, which is likely the earliest date on when questions about Saab’s future could be answered.

“It’s not so easy,” said Åkerlund.

“Sure there may be a change of ownership. But what comes next, what the conditions will be look like, and so on. It’s hard to be prepared for something you don’t know.”


Volvo recalls thousands of cars worldwide

Car maker Volvo is recalling 8,200 cars around the world because of potentially faulty airbags.

Volvo recalls thousands of cars worldwide
A Volvo V90 being prepared for a commercial shoot. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

The recall affects 1,200 cars sold in Sweden, including the new Volvo V90 series, and 7,000 cars sold abroad, reports the Expressen tabloid.

Volvo's supplier and business partner for its self-driving cars, Autoliv, alerted Volvo to a faulty airbag trigger and advised it to recall those cars that had it installed.

“The had a quality problem during a certain period of production. It could happen that there are problems when the airbag is to be deployed,” a Volvo Cars spokesperson told Expressen.

No known incidents or accidents have been reported in relation to the airbags.

Last autumn Volvo recalled 127,000 of its vehicles after a separate fault causing the air conditioning to leak water, which could cause the airbags to malfunction, was discovered.