Swedish team clear for trip to Homeless World Cup

Swedish team clear for trip to Homeless World Cup
A football team from Sweden will now be able travel to Australia to participate in the Homeless World Cup on Saturday thanks to a loan with generous repayment terms.

“Fantastic,” said a relieved Elisabeth Anderton from Faktum, a magazine distributed by homeless people in Gothenburg.

Several of the team’s players had earlier been denied visas to travel to Melbourne for the fifth annual installment of the tournament.

“Why is Australia arranging a tournament like this at all? We’re a group that is fighting to get ourselves out of a shitty situation, that’s all this is about,” said coach David Tajmaz Nilsson to the TT news agency at the time.

After the visa issue was solved, the players learned their airline tickets had been cancelled.

A call for donations was sent out, with the final kronor coming in the form of a loan from a company which agreed to have the loan paid back when the situation allows.