City officals’ ‘boxing’ party sends two to hospital

A holiday activity held at a local boxing club for 15 city officials from Umeå in northern Sweden ended prematurely after two of them fell to the ground and were rushed to the emergency room by ambulance.

The group had gathered for its annual dose of “Christmas fun” to practice “the noble art of self defence”. In previous years, the group has recorded a rock video as well as preformed a violin concert.

“I think it may be poetry reading next year,” said municipal director Jan Björinge to the Västerbottens Folkblad newspaper.

And it wasn’t a swift upper-cut or deft left hook which landed the two city administrators in hospital.

They weren’t even in the ring, but rather fell on their own accord during a warm-up exercise – before the actual boxing practice even began.

“We never even got to put on our gloves,” said Björinge.

He theorized that the injuries stemmed from a sincere desire to win.

“These managers are extremely competitive. During a relay race two of them ran a little too hard. They fell so hard that one of them broke his wrist, while the other had a serious ankle sprain. They fell at exactly the same time at different ends of the facility,” said Björinge

Both employees recovered quickly from their injuries, however, and were back on the job within a couple of days.

“Those two managers are brave,” said Björinge.