Cold and cloudy weather over Christmas

Cold and cloudy weather over Christmas
Cold and cloudy weather across most of Sweden is forecast for the Christmas period, according to the Swedish meteorological agency (SMHI).

Hopes of a white Christmas look in vain for residents of southern areas as dry weather and higher temperatures are forecast.

Gusty north-westerly winds, with localized hard gusts in southern Sweden, are blowing in across most of Sweden on Monday afternoon. The wind will bring with it colder temperatures across the country on Tuesday.

High pressure is expected to establish its grip over the country in the run up to Christmas with dry, cold and occasionally sunny weather as a result.

Snow falls in highland areas will slowly push east before clearing up into Tuesday morning with some snowfall expected to return sporadically throughout the week

On Christmas Eve cloudy weather will push in from the west and bring with it light snowfalls in central and northern areas and rain in the west. Temperatures will push up on Gotland and Öland and across Skåne while, temperatures are forecast to stay between minus 2-10 in other areas.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day will push the cloud northwards into the highland areas and bring with it snow falls. The remainder of the country will remain dry, with broken cloud, sunshine and cold temperatures, even in the south.

SMHI expects the weather to remain stable throughout the week and into the weekend with few changes forecast.