Murder at Örebro psychiatric clinic

A 70-year-old man has been killed at a psychiatric clinic in Örebro in southern Sweden. A 52-year-old fellow patient has been arrested on suspicion of the murder.

The killing was described by senior physician Martin Flodin as “an exceptionally unusual occurrence.”

The 52-year-old suspect has admitted killing his fellow patient.

The tragic incident occurred on the morning of January 5th at the general psychiatric clinic in Örebro. The 52-year-old male suspect was admitted to the clinic only the day before.

On the morning in question the clinic’s four wards had 18 patients and several medical orderlies on the premises.

One of the patients, the 52-year-old man, started to argue with another patient, the 70-year-old man. The younger man went on the attack and inflicted injuries on the elder man serious enough for him to die several days later.

“The 52-year-old has given a motive for the attack and it is related to the the medical condition of the victim,” said Robert Haslinger at Örebro police.

Haslinger was otherwise unwilling to comment on the case and how the 70-year-old was killed.

Several people were witness to the attack but did not have time to intervene.

The two men had not previously actually met each other although their paths had crossed several years previously.

The murder has left the hospital in a state of shock and the incident has been described as very unusual. It is very rare that a patient kills a fellow patient at a hospital.

“I have never seen a similar case in my 25 years at the hospital,” said Martin Flodin.

Flodin is conscious that the murder could generate concern among those seeking contact with psychiatric care services but has guaranteed that the hospital is now doing all it can to ensure that there is no repeat.

Martin Flodin underlined that, despite the incident, there is no danger in approaching the clinic and pointed out that the risk of violence is no greater than in the society in general.