Arla exec to take over as head of Systembolaget

Arla exec to take over as head of Systembolaget
Sweden’s state-run liquor monopoly Systembolaget has named a successor to Anitra Steen, who is set to retire from her position as managing director on April 30th.

In finding a successor for Steen, the wife of former Prime Minister Göran Persson, Systembolaget plucked 44-year-old Magdalena Gerger, a senior vice president, from Scandinavian dairy giant Arla Foods.

“We all have a relationship to Systembolaget, which gives a face to Swedish alcohol policy,” said Gerger in a statement.

“It feels really exciting to be a part of the company’s continued development.”

In assuming the reigns from Steen, who ran Systembolaget for the past decade, Gerger stressed the importance of the company’s social duty.

“Systembolaget is a well-run company with an important mission to both be socially responsible and provide good service,” she said.

Prior to her work at Arla, Gerger held positions at Nestle and Procter & Gamble. She also serves on the board of directors of Ikea and is a former director with Swedish gaming monopoly Svenska Spel.