Woman exchanges Monopoly money for Danish kroner

A woman in Denmark played a high stakes game last week when she successfully convinced a bank to exchange bills worth two thousand "kronor" in Swedish Monopoly money for a quantity of real Danish money.

Woman exchanges Monopoly money for Danish kroner

But the 61-year-old may be left needing a “get out of jail” card after a second attempt to exchange the toy cash backfired.

The fraud attempt began on Thursday, when the woman entered a branch of the Nordea bank in Svendborg and handed over two fake bills. When the teller failed to spot that the Swedish bills were far from authentic, the woman walked away from the counter with a cool 1,400 Danish kroner ($240), local newspaper Fyns Amts Avis reports.

Branch manager Ulrik Feveile Nielsen told the newspaper that an inexperienced staff member had been manning the cash desk at the time.

“As long as humans are involved, mistakes will happen,” he said.

But rather than quitting while she was ahead, the woman had another roll of the dice and returned to the bank the following day with a further eight thousand “kronor” in Monopoly money.

This time staff were wise to her ways and immediately reported the matter to the police.

When placed under arrest, the woman claimed that a third party had forced her into the fraudulent exchange attempts.