Ostrich pizza wins top Swedish prize

Ostrich pizza wins top Swedish prize
Never mind song contests and celebrity dance offs, Kalmar resident Hassan Saraoe has won the one competition that really matters: the Swedish Pizza Championships.

When Saraoe’s Exotic Ostrich Pizza was produced from the oven, the jury knew they had themselves a winner.

“It was a wow experience when I had a taste. The tastes were very unusual for a pizza,” said competition manager David Khabbazi, having bitten into a pizza topped with marinated ostrich fillet, mango, chili and fresh coriander.

“The competition was very tough. But when the points were added up Hassan Saraoe won quite convincingly,” said Khabbazi, who was not a member of the eight-person jury.

As well as 10,000 kronor, Hassan Saraoe also won the right to represent Sweden when the battle commences to find Europe’s top pizza chef.